So What is Keycare?

We all know that losing valuable possessions such as your keys, credit cards or mobile phone can be incredibly inconvenient.

The realisation that they have been misplaced or stolen can quickly turn a simple inconvenience into anxiety and panic, as the thought of sorting everything out sinks in.

At Keycare Ireland, we ensure that this is all avoided, replacing distress and worry with the comforting peace of mind our protection provides.


Key Care offers :


  • Key recovery and replacement for any type of keys attached to a Keycare fob, both personal and business keys
  • Up to €1,500 cover - substantially higher than cover included within motor or household policies. Covers any type of keys, not just car and home
  • Avoids claims on existing motor and household policies - so no impact on no-claims discount
  • Emergency helpline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Reward incentive to the finder courtesy of Keycare
  • Cover included where keys are locked inside a vehicle or premises
  • Access to a nationwide network of locksmiths
  • Car hire/alternative transport available if stranded due to loss/theft of keys
  • Cost of reprogramming immobilisers and alarms is included
  • No excess to pay
  • 40% likelihood that keys attached to a Keycare fob are reunited with their owners
  • Up to 3 days car hire when stranded due to loss of theft of keys
  • Fast track claims service
  • Replacement locks, keys and locksmiths charges covered up to your chosen level of cover per annum
  • Because Keycare is provided separately to household or motor insurance, any no-claims bonus earned remains protected.
    To buy a policy or for further information please call us on 01 506 0365.

    Our phone lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

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Did you know?

The average car key can cost in excess of €400.00 to replace and reprogram...

Some can cost double this amount...

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