The Benefits of Corporate Membership

Offering real benefits to your customers can help to add value to your own service. It can also help to retain customers, build loyalty and generate extra revenue.

Keycare Ireland has a specialist team of experts. We can work with you to create tailor made packages. The aim is to help you to generate risk free additional income. This will enable you to offer your customers attractive valuable benefits.

We have reliable back up and response teams plus expert customer support. This means your customers receive a positive experience every step of the way.

Keycare Ireland will add value to your product. For your customers Keycare Ireland will bring peace of mind, a no hassle solution, easy access and convenience.

Introducing Keycare's key recovery and replacement service to your business could bring you substantial long term benefits.


Key Benefits:


Generate additional income - Unlock extra sales and retain customer loyalty. Keycare is an added value extra or income generator in its own right . Keycare can bring new revenue to your business. Customers will feel a greater value from an existing brand


Branded fob - Further enhance your products and your company profile with a branded fob. Having a high quality and durable fob means your name is in front of the customer for a long time to come


Product enhancement - Differentiate your products by ensuring your policies remain market leaders


No / low administration - No drain on orgainisational resource. Letting Keycare deal with the administration leaves you time for more important business issues


Incentive - You can use Keycare as an incentive. This will give you the edge to build and retain customer loyalty


Real worth. Enhanced corporate image - Keycare is an ideal low cost product with a high-perceived value service


We would like to play a part in the growth and development of your business. To find out more about how our service operates please contact us